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    BP 130/80

    Blood Pressure has dropped to 130/80 from 160/110 after about 4 weeks of No Caffeine/Alcohol, Exercise at least 30 minutes-1 hour every 3 days and taking Hawthorn Berry at least 3x a week.

    Verified by testing at home around 2pm, same results when taken 3 times in a row on the left arm within 1-2 minutes between each test.

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    Yeahhh dawgie!

    Yeahhh dawgie!

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    Herbal Green Tea - Weight Loss
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    (Source: youtu.be)

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    Kyolic - Feel Great, Smell Nice Too

    I recently started taking this. Here are some initial findings:

    • Reduced hangover recovery time by about 5-10 hours (certain symptoms resolved before others) this factors in other things as well like increased water intake to solve dehydration
    • Higher energy levels along with more mental clarity and greater psychological sense of well being
    • Obviously enhanced circulation which this herb is best known for
    • Lower craving for sugary foods/beverages
    • Increased digestion capacity, helps restore gut flora balance more quickly when taken along with probiotic…also helps bloating
    • Appears to burn some superficial adiopose deposits that have accumulated as a result of recent excess beer drinking

    For those who are concerned with either your breath or body odor smelling like Garlic…I promise you, my co-workers and females I have interacted with have no complaints :)

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    Great piece on Meetup.com

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    Eat the Rainbow for Balanced Nutrition - Daily Tips | Swanson Health Products

    The next time you sit down for a meal, check out the color of your plate. Not only does a mixture of colorful foods look appealing, you get more nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables that come in different hues.


    • Because they deliver melatonin, eat cherries before bed to improve sleep patterns.
    • Red Bell Peppers feature lutein, a compound that promotes healthy vision.
    • Lycopene gives tomatoes their signature red color and is an antioxidant that promotes prostate health.

    • Carrots deliver vitamin A, which promotes vision. Carrots also support heart health.
    • Give your immune system a boost with vitamin-C-rich cantaloupe.
    • Sweet potatoes also have vitamin A, which helps with vision and skin health.

    • Corn is rich in beta-cryptoxanthin which helps maintain healthy lungs.
    • Tropical pineapple delivers manganese, and essential nutrient that supports metabolism and defends against free radicals. The enzyme bromelain, also found in pineapple, aids digestion.
    • Potassium-rich bananas promote cardiovascular health and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

    • Compounds in broccoli support healthy skin.
    • Spinach features vitamin K, a nutrient that helps calcium bond to bones and slows cell breakdown.
    • Citrus limes are high in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system.

    Blue & Purple
    • Add purple cabbage into your salad – it has more vitamin C and antioxidant than its green cousin.
    • Blueberries are one of the favorite “superfoods” that feature antioxidants and promote brain health.
    • A natural cleanser, beets help flush toxins out of the body.

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    The Rules Of Tipping



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    (Source: economist.com)

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